The 1% that make a difference...

The 1 Percent Brand is a sports marketing brand based out of Southern California designed to creative, collaborate, and add value through online marketing and event hosting. 

Our job is to provide quality services bringing brand awareness to small businesses, brands, and athletes. 

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Our Story

We started 1 Percent out of  passion through basketball training. It began as a small private training inside the gym in Irvine, California. What started as only basketball training turned into much more as 1 Percent began growing a following for the video aspect of the brand, creating visuals for basketball players and other athletes. At that point, what started as 1% Performance split into two different entities, bringing The Hoop Show into life which created a home for basketball athletes and developing The 1 Percent Brand which opened doors with media production. 


We are sports and entertainment. Our vision has always been meant to  bring people together to inspire the world.  Our signature phase "1 Percent" and our slogan "Inspire" resonates with all who have had an experience and look to improve, getting 1% better every day!


Today, we receive requests from across the country, and are proud to partners to several influencers, sports venues, and businesses. We are always open to learning about new people and love hosting live demonstrations at local events and online.  


1 Percent is more than a brand that focuses on sports. We focus on athletes, on changing athletes life for the better, and spreading positivity & confidence to all.





Matt Scott

Founder of 1 Percent Brand Inc.

For us, life and inspiration are one. 

Our mission is to focus on the three things most important to us.


We are dedicated to your creativity. Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll do our best to find it. 


We never settle for second best, and neither should you. We shop top quality, so you can too. 


We want to inspire every customer, and everyone they bring along for the ride.

“1 Percent is always there for me. They have truly inspired me to believe in myself!”

—  Name, Title